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According to the arrangement of the university, the new international students of the fall semester of 2023 will register at the university in the near future. In order to do a good job in welcoming international students, we are now recruiting 20 welcoming volunteers for all the international students in the university, the details of the notice are as follows:


Ø 招募对象


All our current international students can sign up. (undergraduate, master's, doctoral and language students are all eligible to apply).


Ø 服务时间


at service on August 29-31, 2023, with specific time slots available at the registration link.


Ø 服务内容


Coordinate with the international student orientation work arrangement, carry out counseling guidance, and order maintenance work.


Ø 服务要求

1. 志愿者统一佩戴国际学生迎新工作证,一人一证。

2. 在迎新过程中做到热情周到、耐心细致、文明用语;具有奉献和团队合作精神,能吃苦耐劳,善于沟通交流。

3. 主动做好迎新的各项工作,服从安排、纪律性强,时间观念强,能承担相应职责。

4. 了解校园及周边环境基本情况,志愿者在迎新期间保持电话畅通。

5. 志愿者可单独选择一个或同时选择多个志愿服务时间段,请确保所选时间在岗。

6. 因服务时间安排在开学后,请报名者务必仔细核对确认个人时间安排,在岗位安排发布后不得迟到、缺席。

1. Volunteers will wear international student orientation cards, one for each person.

2. In the process of orientation, be thoughtful, considerate, and patient and use civilized language; dedicated and with teamwork spirit, good at communication.

3. Take the initiative to do a good job in welcoming new students, obey the arrangement, have strong discipline, a strong sense of time, and can undertake the corresponding duties.

4. Understand the basic situation of the campus and its surrounding environment, and keep the phone on call during the orientation period.

5. Volunteers can choose one or more volunteer time slots at the same time, please make sure that you are on duty at the selected time.

6. Since the service time is scheduled after the start of the registration, applicants are requested to double-check and confirm their personal schedule, and not to be late or absent after signing up.


Ø 服务保障

1. 提供工作餐等必要保障。

2. 为志愿者发放迎新志愿者工作证明。迎新活动结束后,择机为表现优秀的志愿者颁发优秀志愿者证书。

3. 为志愿者拍摄工作照并共享给本人。

1. Provide necessary guarantees such as working meals.

2. Issue volunteers with orientation volunteer work certificates. Some time after the orientation program is over, issue outstanding volunteer certificates to volunteers with outstanding performance.

3. Take photos of volunteers at work and share pictures with them.


Ø 报名方式

    请于2023年8月25日中午12:00前点击链接https://www.wjx.top/vm/rLDGk0L.aspx# 或扫描以下二维码进行报名,报名者须确保信息真实有效。

Please sign up by clicking on the link https://www.wjx.top/vm/rLDGk0L.aspx# or scanning the QR code below by August 25, 2023, at 12:00 p.m. Applicants must ensure that their information is true and valid.



The acceptance result will be informed by email on August 26th.



If there are questions during the sign-up process, please contact,


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